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Corporate Travel Services of America


Visa and Passport Services

Corporate Travel Services of America is a new and dynamic passport and visa service company founded in 2011. Our philosophy and goal is to exceed your passport and visa travel needs.
Corporate Travel Services of America
We know that time is a luxury that most do not have and we offer our knowledge in the passport and visa industry to help assist in obtaining whatever passport of visas needs you may have in order to meet your international trip of destination.
At Corporate Travel Services of America, we offer a wide range of passport services. From obtaining first time passports, or renewal of a current passport, to visas for business, tourism and work; Corporate Travel Services of America can serve all of your international travel document needs.
Corporate Travel Services of America has business relationships with most of the foreign embassies and consulates in the greater Houston area, and across the United States too. We have a very strong relationship with the United States Department of State and its affiliates across the country. In addition to passport and visa services, we also provide assistance in obtaining birth certificates, marriage, divorce and death certificates, police reports, and documents that need to be authenticated and consularized by an embassy or consulate.